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PokerStars Approaching 50 Billionth Hand

PokerStars 50 Billion Hands

As PokerStars inches closer to dealing their 50 Billionth hand, the excitement builds over their Mega Milestones Promotion. If you haven't already, take a minute to sign up for PokerStars and be a part of PokerStars' celebration.

Cash Games:

There will be cash prizes across all PokerStars cash game tables starting around September 16 and culminating in the 50 billion Mega Milestone hand. Players dealt into every millionth hand will win a cash prize of $50 for every VPP they earned in the previous 50 hands played on that table. All players dealt in will receive a base prize of $50, and any player that wins a portion of the main pot will also get their cash prize doubled!

NOTE: The Milestone Hands will begin with hand number 49,700,000,000 and end with hand 50,000,000,000.

Example: You play for half an hour on a $1/$2 NLHE table. You play 53 hands in this time and are then dealt into a milestone hand. The system will look at the most recent 50 hands that you’ve played at that table and calculate the number of VPPs earned. In this instance, you earned 31 VPPs, so the prize will be: 31 * $50 + $50 = $1,600. If you go on to win the hand, you’ll receive $3,200.

When the 50 Billion Mega Milestone is reached, all players dealt in will be rewarded $500 for every VPP earned in the previous 50 hands (calculated same as above, including the base prize of $500 for all players dealt in). The winner of the Mega Milestone will also have their prize money doubled, and receive $50,000 - which could mean a grand total of tens of thousands of dollars! In addition to these prizes, everyone dealt into the hand will receive an entry to the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event on September 26.
In the event of a split pot (either from a tied hand or from a split pot game) all winners will receive a share of the $50,000 proportional to their share of the main pot of the hand.

Example: You play 50 hands and earn 60 VPPs, when the Mega Milestone hand hits on your table. You will receive (60 *$500) + $500 = $30,500, and also a $5,200 WCOOP Main Event entry. You win the hand and your cash prize is doubled to $61,000. You will also receive an additional $50,000 – bringing the total cash award up to $111,100.
Example: You play 26 hands and earn 17 VPPs, when the Mega Milestone hand hits on your table. You will receive (17 *$500) + $500 = $9,000, and also a $5,200 WCOOP Main Event entry. The hand plays out and you split the pot with one of your opponents. Your cash prize is doubled to $18,000 and you receive half of the additional $50,000, taking your total cash prize to $43,000

Sit & Go's

For Sit & Go players there will be five special 50-player Super Sit & Go tournaments running 24/7 from September 10-25 across a range of buy-in levels that suit all players and bankrolls: $1.10, $5.50, $11, $22, $55. The winner of every tournament gets a slice of $50,000, shared out between all the winners at each buy-in level.
Keep a look out for the 50 Billion Super Sit & Go’s in the PokerStars lobby by clicking ‘Sit & Go’ and ‘All’.
Example: Over a 7 day period, there are 10,000 winners at the $1.10 level. This means each winner will receive $50,000 / 10,000 = $5. A player who manages to win 5 of these tourneys, would earn 5 shares of the prize pool (5 x $5 = $25).
The Super Sit & Go prizes will be paid out by September 27th


All players can win cash with the PokerStars 50 Billion Depositor Freerolls. Simply make your first real money deposit using the deposit code ‘FREEROLL50’, or reload your account using the code ‘50BN’ and you’ll be awarded a ticket to one of three special free-to-enter tournaments each with a $50,000 prize pool!
The 50 Billion $50,000 Freerolls take place on Saturday, September 25, at 09:15 ET, 15:15 ET and 21:15 ET. You can find them under the ‘Tourney’ and ‘Special’ tabs in the PokerStars lobby.

VIP Club Rewards:

VIP Club is also getting a piece of the 50 Billion action. For the duration of the promotion, you can get an instant $50 cash credit for only 3,000 FPPs - no matter what VIP level you are! It’s a great way to give your bankroll a boost, and then use it to play in other 50 Billion events.
Please Note: Only one cash credit available per player.

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