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PokerStars Deals 50 Billionth Hand

Not long ago PokerStars announced they were approaching their 50 billionth hand dealt in the history of the site. On Wednesday, September 22nd at 10:37am ET the milestone hand went down on a six handed $0.02/$0.05 no limit hold'em table. The hand was won by 'tbvle' from Germany when his pocket queens held up earning him the milestone hand bonus of $56,140. Everyone else at the table earned approximately $3,000 and a $5,200 WSOOP Main Event seat just for being there.

During the milestone hand promotion PokerStars gave out additional cash prizes for every one million hand milestones. During the life of the promotion almost $1 million was given out to the players.

When the 50 billionth hand went down there were 220,000 players on 33,000 tables playing on the site. It was only February 2010 when the 40 billionth hand was dealt. Staggering numbers to be sure. It's almost a guarantee that it will take less than seven months to make it to the 60 billionth hand.

Check out the lucky hand captured in still image:

Snapshot of the 50 billionth hand

Get in on the action over at PokerStars and see if you can be a part of the next milestone hand celebration.

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