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Isildur's Next Challenger Steps Up

By Nathan Carroll, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Isildur1 PokerStars Pro vs. Jungleman CatesAfter losing $40,000 to Isaac Haxton and then winning $44,000 from Tony G, PokerStars's newest team pro Isildur1--freshly revealed as Viktor Blom--is ready to take on his third opponent in the Superstar Showdown: Daniel "Jungleman" Cates.

Each Showdown is a heads-up match of 2,500 hands played at four tables simultaneously at stakes of $50/$100 or higher. At least half of the hands are required to be No Limit Hold'em, and for the other 50% the challengers are allowed to choose between NLHE and Pot Limit Omaha. Although hold'em is generally considered to be Isildur's better game, Cates has opted for an exclusively NLHE match.

Of course, Cates is also no slouch at two-card poker. He's currently involved in a 50,000-hand battle against Tom "durrrr" Dwan on Full Tilt Poker as part of the Durrrr Challenge. They've completed just over 34% of the hands, and Cates holds a commanding lead of $800K, more than 20 buy-ins.

Although this will be the first time they meet on Stars, Cates and Blom have some history; they've played more than 25,000 hands together on FTP, during which Blom took roughly a third of a million dollars from Cates. And although Cates probably isn't even bothered by parting with the money--after all, he's estimated to have made more than $5,000,000 in 2010--there's no question he's out for revenge against Isildur.

The match is scheduled to take place this Sunday (January 30th) at 17:30 ET. Cates will be playing under his PokerStars name w00ki3z. You can find the match tables listed in the lobby under Hold'em --> No Limit/Pot Limit --> High.

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