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PokerStars’ Fifty50’s Bring a New Twist to Sit & Go Poker

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars Fifty50 TournamentsPokerStars has something to cater to every type of poker player imaginable, and if they don’t have anything that piques your interest, you can usually bank on them coming up with something new and interesting.

So when they added their latest variation of poker this week, Fifty50 Sit & Go’s, I’m sure there were a small group of players out there who were giddy with excitement.  You know the type I’m talking about…players who are never the first ones to bust out, always make the top half of the field, then tighten up like a drum in the latter part of the tournament and struggle to make the top three of a 10 person table.

Well, PokerStars has great news for all those roaching nits out there in cyberspace…say hello to the Fifty50 Sit & Go, a one table Sit & Go in which half the field gets paid.

I idea is actually quite simple, once half the field is eliminated, the tournament ends. The remaining players left in the tournament get their buy-in back, and the other half of the prize money is distributed according to the size of the players’ stacks at the tournament’s conclusion.

At the moment, all Fifty50 Sit & Go’s are single 10 player tables and all are No Limit Hold’em ranging from $1-$100 for the buy-in.  Look for them mixed in 1-Table Sit & Go section at PokerStars.

If you'd like to try playing a few Fifty50's, you can download the Official PokerStars Software and create an account.

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