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200,000 Entrants in PokerStars World Record Tournament

by Joss Wood, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars decided to run a tournament to break the world record for entrants as part of its 10th Anniversary promotion package, and they added $50,000 to the prizepool. The tournament quickly filled, and they could easily have registered even more players had they not limited the numbers. Luckily, I registered myself a few days early. The PokerStars software ran completely smoothly, with only a slight pause of a few minutes to fix a glitch caused by the huge turnout.

With 200,000 players in a single tournament, it can be fun to look at the statistics. On average, just over 900 players will have been dealt A-A on the first hand. About 4 of these lucky players would likely receive A-A on the next hand too. About 135 of them wouldn’t have fared so well, and will have busted out on hand 1 with their pocket rockets.

After 14 hands, 20,000 players had busted, and after the first hour there were just 80,000 players remaining. It took 6 hours to get down to 100 players, and total of 7 hours and 5 minutes to determine the winner.

Congratulations to Russian player Sokoluk1991! Not only did you take home $40,258 for your $1 entry fee, but you are the only poker player in the world to have beaten 199,999 opponents in a single tournament!

Perhaps surprisingly, there was no chop until there were only three players left. The final 10 finishers and prizes (after the chop) were:

1. sokoluk1991 (Russia) – $40,258.83
2. Kaitz20 (Estonia) – $34,000
3. King-2-Z (UK) – $25,741.17
4. tristan2287 (Spain) – $10,000
5. RaZorFaZoR (Germany) – $8,000
6. casasola10 (Costa Rica) – $6,500
7. Bjoornkjaer (Denmark) – $5,250
8. pumata13 (Bulgaria) – $4,000
9. herbert68 (Germany) – $3,000
10. Garin4o (Ukraine) – $2,250

I personally went out with around 39,000 players remaining in the tournament. My favourite moment was very early on, when I had about half of the starting chips and tripled up when I rivered a flush. That one hand catapulted me over 100,000 players upwards on the leaderboard. Nothing that costs $1 can top that amount of entertainment. Congratulations to PokerStars on the new world record!

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