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PokerStars Changing Pro Compensation?

By Monica Dean, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Rumor Alert!

According to tweets from unaffiliated poker pro Kathy Leibert, PokerStars is unilaterally changing the compensation paid to site pros.  It is rumored to be a “take it or leave it” offer which cuts the compensation for many top and mid level pros.  Greg Raymer has allegedly said no thanks and walked.  Although his departure has not been confirmed by any source at PokerStars, a review of the software and site shows that Raymer's screen name no longer bares the star logo, and his name no longer appears on the pro page.

Kathy Leiber TweetKathy Leiber Tweet

In these economic times, can anyone really blame PokerStars for cutting these bloated salaries?  But, how many more PokerStars pros will jump ship?  Perhaps they need to clear the payroll to finance some big name free agent on the loose *cough* Hellmuth *cough*


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