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PokerStars SuperStar Showdown Online Qualifier Battles Isildur1

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars SuperStar ShowdownSince adding Viktor ‘isildur1’ Blom to the roster of Team PokerStars Pros, watching the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown quickly become the most fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon other than decimating your bankroll by entering in every Sunday Major out there.

We’ve seen Blom take on other high-rollers in a high limit format that most poker players can only dream about, and we’ve certainly enjoyed the heads-up matches which have had some wild swings at times. Sunday though, Blom found himself facing a slightly different type of opponent. No, it wasn’t another millionaire nosebleed regular this time. This time, Blom would square off against Hungarian, Attila ‘DodgyFish72’ Gulcsik, who qualified for the SuperStar Showdown via an $11 satellite.

The rules and format were the same as Blom’s previous Showdowns, only they would be playing at the $5/$10 limit, rather than the usual $50/$100 limit.

Gulcsik was staked with $15,000 from PokerStars, and would be allowed to keep any that remained at the conclusion of the match, which was to last for 2,500 hands, or until either player busted. A $10,000 bonus was also up for grabs if either player managed to win the other’s entire $15,000.

The match started off with Gulcsik taking a slight lead, but Blom found his groove and used a combination of aggressive play and a case of the run-goods to take a lead of just over $5,000 a quarter of the way through match.

Blom continued his surge and found himself up nearly $11,000 before the halfway point of the match, with Gulcsik’s entire challenge bankroll in play on all four tables, and momentum clearly in the favor of Blom.

At this point, it appears that Gulcsik got up from his computer just long enough to cue up the Theme from Rocky on his stereo, because he would mount a comeback over the remainder of the match that found him nearly dead-even as the match was drawing to a close.

The final hand was uneventful as far as the play was concerned. Blom open-shoved and Gulcsik folded, and the match was over. As it turned out, that $10 stolen big blind would be the difference for the match, because after the math was done, it was a mere $10 that separated the two players after 2,500 hands on four different tables, and Blom would be declared the winner. I’m sure Gulcsik would beg to differ though, as he’s pocketing $14,990 of the original $15,000 that PokerStars staked him with. That’s $14,990 that he didn’t have before the match, probably quite a bit more than the recreational player keeps in his bankroll at any given time.

Check back here to keep up with all the news on the PokerStars SuperStar Challenge, and download PokerStars today for your chance to play against Viktor ‘isildur1’ Blom.

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