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PokerStars Celebrating 60 Billion Hands

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

pokerstars-60-billion-hands60 billion hands. That’s a lot folks. That’s a lot of bad beats, suckouts and fist pumps. PokerStars is hoping to add a few more fist pumps into the mix as it approaches the 60 billion hand mark.

PokerStars is celebrating the milestone by giving away close to $1,000,000 in prizes during the count-up to 60 billion hands dealt on the site.

To win, you’ll just need to be dealt into a hand that happens to be a Milestone (millionth) Hand. Of course, if you’re dealt into the actual 60 billionth hand, aka The Mega Milestone Hand, you’re in line to make some big money. Every player dealt in to the landmark hand will receive at least $60,000.

The actual amount you can win is dependent on the number of VPP points you’ve earned in that session, and of course if you win the hand, you’ll win an even bigger chunk of change. Obviously, longer sessions will pay off if you’re lucky enough to take part in a Milestone or The Mega Milestone Hand.

The 300 regular Milestone Hands will begin with hand number 59,700,000,000 and end with hand 59,999,000,000.

The countdown has begun so open a PokerStars account today and in addition to the prizes you could win in the Milestone hands you can get up to 83% value back and a $600 sign up bonus when you use the bonus code STARS600 and the marketing code rakeback.com.

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