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PokerStars Deals 60 Billionth Hand

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars 60 Billionth HandEarly Tuesday morning, six lucky players playing on PokerStars found their play halted on a $5/$10 limit hold’em table, and rather unusual box popped up in the middle of the screen.

Under normal circumstances, this would be annoying, but in this case the six players found the pop-up box bringing some rather welcome news. The hand that had just been dealt was the 60 billionth hand dealt on PokerStars since its beginnings nearly 10 years ago.

For doing nothing but being on the right table at the right time, the players were rewarded quite handsomely. The eventual winner of the hand, a player with a screen name of ‘Pogo650’ from the United Kingdom, found his bankroll padded by over $100k as a result.

The other five players at the table walked away with $11k to $21k just for being at the table when the hand was dealt.

For the record, the winning hand was Q♥-3♣, and the board read 2♥-Ks-3♥-6♦-9♦. Yep, you read that right… it was a flopped pair of threes that held up in the monumental hand.

As PokerStars approaches 100 billion hands, they’ll be running similar promotions every 10 billion hands. According to the PokerStars Blog, then next milestone should hit sometime toward the end of the summer.

To take part in the next milestone hand promotion, download PokerStars today and use marketing code rakeback.com code to get paid to play in the meantime.

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