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PokerStars Gives Away Lamborghini to Anniversary Winner

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars Sunday MillionPokerStars celebrated the 5th anniversary of its Sunday Million tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $5 million. Of course, that number was quickly forgotten as the total prize pool more than doubled that amount to $11.8 million. Aggressive promotion of the tournament and the hope for a massive payday was enough for 59,128 players to drop $215 to play in what would become one of the most lucrative online poker tournaments in history.

As if that weren’t enough, PokerStars sweetened the pot by giving away a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, a car valued at over $200,000, to the winner in addition to the first place prize of $1.6 million.

After over 14 hours of play, Luke ‘Bdbeatslayer’ Vrabel found himself holding a pair of nines, and facing an all-in from sheppyshape, the only other player remaining in the tournament. With over four times as many chips as his opponent, it was an easy call for Vrabel, and sheppyshape’s pocket sevens didn’t improve.

Vrabel’s payday wasn’t the original $1.6 million scheduled for the first place finisher. A nine-way chop at the final table over two hours earlier had already divvied the cash up. Instead his prize was $671,647 and the keys to the Lamborghini. No word yet on the color, but we here on the Rakeback.com news staff are hoping for “Tiger Blood Red” (that’s our last Charlie Sheen joke…we promise).

PokerStars Sunday Million 5th Anniversary Results
(after a nine way deal for the cash)

1st place: Luke "Bdbeatslayer" Vrabel ($671,093.81 & Lamborghini Gallardo)
2nd place: sheppyshape ($465,647.02)
3rd place: wrzr123 ($844,209.87)
4th place: guccyka ($411,090.13)
5th place: Syndrome1977 ($799,842.09)
6th place: zeurrr ($518,402.33)
7th place: nhar818 ($441,541.06)
8th place: Jan10004 ($311,023.33)
9th place: Battmeister ($263,888.06)


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