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Negreanu Decimated by isildur1 in SuperStar Showdown

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars SuperStar ShowdownYou would think that a top notch PokerStars Professional such as Daniel Negreanu would prove to be a worthy opponent for Viktor Blom in the PokerStars SuperStars Showdown. But as the cards hit the virtual felt Sunday night, and Blom dragged pot after pot from Kid Poker, it was clear that it just wasn’t Negreanu’s day against the online sensation who until just a few months ago was only known as isildur1 to his online opponents.

The rules for this episode of the SuperStars Challenge were the same as the other matches in the series: four tables of heads-up poker, a $150,000 bankroll, and 2,500 hands of play (or less if either player gets stacked).

As the match began, the railbirds were out in droves, fully expecting Negreanu to provide a challenge for Blom, who’s had tremendous success throughout the series. What they witnessed instead was Blom taking all $150,000 from Negreanu in a mere 1,439 hands. This would mark the first time during the SuperStar Showdown that the match didn’t go the 2,500 hand distance.

Blom started fast, and just shy of the 150 hand mark, was already up more than $30,000. Despite Negreanu’s short lived comeback just after this point, Blom continued his winning ways, and had acquired half of Negreanu’s bankroll just past the 700 hand mark.

Eventually, the remainder of Negreanu’s $150k made its way across the last of the four tables when the players were all-in pre-flop with Blom holding AKo and Negreanu showing a dominated KJo. Negreanu flopped a jack to take the lead, but Blom, like he had most of the match, caught the perfect card on the turn to give him a Broadway straight, as well as a victory for the match.

Negreanu has already agreed to a rematch next Sunday, and has already called off an appearance at the Wynn Classic to prepare during the week.

On his blog, Negreanu says:
“I elected not to play the Wynn Classic, and instead devote my time to playing heads up on PokerStars all week in preparation for my rematch next Sunday. I haven't decided how I will approach the next match, a lot of that will depend how this week goes. I'll be doing some experimenting, as I mentioned, and I won't know exactly how I'm going to play him until the match starts.”

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