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Blom Takes Down Palmer in SuperStar Showdown

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

pokerstars-superstar-showdownLast Sunday, Viktor ‘isildur1’ Blom found himself on the short side of the stacks after Scott ‘urnotindangr’ Palmer used a late surge to take a $5K lead after the first 2,500 hands of PokerStars SuperStar Showdown.

The second half of the match took place Sunday. It only took minutes for Blom to erase that deficit and take control of the match.

The format was the same for the second half of the two-part, 5,000 hand battle. The pair would play simultaneously on four heads-up NLHE tables with the blinds at $50/$100.

Just five minutes into the action, Blom scooped a pot with more than $21K in it when he flopped kings full with his AK. Palmer turned broadway with QJ in his hand. This pushed Blom into the lead and he never trailed again during the match.

Palmer found himself down over $100K with around 500 hands left to play, but he used a late surge to shave $40K from Blom’s lead before the 2,500 hand limit was reached.

In the end, Blom finished ahead for the day $66,607, and was up $61,182 over the 5,000 hands from both sessions.

Blom’s next challenger in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for the latest details. In the meantime download PokerStars today and use the bonus code STARS600 and the marketing code rakeback.com to receive a 100% sign up bonus of up to $600.

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