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PokerStars FPP Redemption for U.S. Players Details Announced

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Poker News Senior Writer

PokerStars FPPsPokerStars announced an update to their U.S. Players FAQ that now addresses Frequent Player Points (FPPs) and VIP Rewards.

PokerStars announced they received approval from the U.S. Department of Justice for U.S. players to use FPPs for purchasing VIP Rewards Bonuses, VIP Stellar Rewards and Milestone Cash Credits.

VIP Rewards Bonuses

Players have had their VIP status as of 4/15 restored and can now purchase VIP Rewards Bonuses in the Pokerstars VIP Rewards Store. The bonuses will be immediately transferred to cash into a player's account.

VIP Stellar Rewards and Milestone Cash Credits

VIP Stellar Rewards and Milestone Cash Credits earned in 2010 or 2011 but have yet to be redeemed can be purchased through the PokerStars VIP Store. Progress towards a player's next VIP Stellar Reward or Milestone Cash Credit has been calculated and credited to the player's account if the value is at least $10.

The updated FAQ can be downloaded from the link below.

PokerStars U.S. Player FAQ (PDF - 85K)

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