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Blom Continues Winning Ways in SuperStar Showdown

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars SuperStar ShowdownAfter an eight week break, the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown picked up right where it left off, with Victor ‘Isildur1’ Blom dominating opponents with persistent aggression and timely catches.

Sunday, Blom managed to stack French poker pro Rui ‘PepperoniF’ Cao before the 2,500 scheduled hands could even be finished. The match played out over four tables, with 1,250 hands of No Limit Hold’em and 1,250 hands of Pot Limit Omaha to be played. As usual for the SuperStar Showdown, each player started with a bankroll of $150,000 and the match would play out for the scheduled 2,500 hands or until either player lost their entire match bankroll.

The play started fast and furious with two all-in hands within the first few minutes of play on the PLO tables in which each player stacked the other on both tables. From that point on, it was all Blom as he built up a nearly $60K lead after just over 400 hands, and expanded that lead to nearly $100K before the players reached the 1,000 hand mark.

A small comeback from Cao wasn’t enough to stop Blom from eventually claiming all of Cao’s $150K bankroll after 2,257 hands. The final hand took place on a PLO table (which happens to be Cao’s specialty) with Blom improving his set of fives to a full house on the river, which was more than enough to handle Cao’s two-pair.

Blom improves to 8-2 in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown and has banked over half a million over the course of the series.

The next challenger hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll fill you in on all the details when it’s announced.

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