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PokerStars Changes Rake Contribution Method

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Content Manager

Effective January 1st, PokerStars has announced a change in the way players earn VIP Player Points (VPPs). VPPs are now earned using the weighted contribution method.

Weighted Contribution Explained

The weighted contribution method awards VPPs based on the total amount each player contributes to the pot. PokerStars has given the following basic example of how VPPs will be earned. Copied from the PokerStars website:

Five players participate in a hand of $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em.


Player 1 raises to $6
Player 2 folds
Player 3 folds
Players 4 (the $1 small blind) calls
Players 5 (the $2 big blind) calls


Player 4 makes a bet of $9
Player 5 moves all in for $21
Player 1 folds
Player 4 calls

The remaining cards are dealt, and the $60 pot is awarded to Player 4

The pot is $60 in total. Players 4 & 5 contributed $27 each, and player 1 contributed $6. The total rake on this pot is $3, which is worth 16.5 VPPs.

Under the old method, all five players would receive an equal share of the points, i.e. 16.5 / 5 = 3.3 VPPs.

Under the new method, the VPPs will be awarded as follows:

Player 1 contributed $6 (10% of the pot) and so receives 1.65 VPPs.
Player 2 contributed $0 (0% of the pot) and so receives 0 VPPs.
Player 3 contributed $0 (0% of the pot) and so receives 0 VPPs.
Player 4 contributed $27 (45% of the pot) and so receives 7.43 VPPs.
Player 5 contributed $27 (45% of the pot) and so receives 7.43 VPPs.

Other Contribution Methods

Online rooms use a variety of rake contribution methods. In order to better explain each method for our players, we provide you details of each method below.


Rake is divided evenly amongst all players who are dealt into a hand, regardless of how much was contributed to the pot. For example, if five players are dealt into a hand and a total of $1 is raked, each player will be credited with $0.20 of the rake.

Average Contributed

Rake is divided evenly amongst all players who contributed money to the pot, regardless of amount. For example, Player A contributes $1 to the pot, Player B contributes $2, Player C contributes $10, Player D contributes $10 and Player E contributes $0, Players A,B,C and D would each earn 25% of the total rake, Player E would earn 0%.

Ongame Essence

Used exclusively by rooms on the Ongame Network, the Ongame Essence model awards players more raked based on their style of play, pot contribution and skill level. For example, an overall losing player would have more rake contribution than a winning player would.

Rake Methods – Room by Room

If you have a particular rake contribution method you prefer, we have all of the information for you. Following is a list of all of the rooms we offer along with their rake contribution method used.

Poker room Rake Contribution Method
Party Poker Weighted Contributed
PokerStars Weighted Contributed
Black Chip Poker Weighted Contributed
Paradise Poker Average Contributed
NoiQ Poker Weighted Contributed
Carbon Poker Weighted Contributed
bwin Poker Ongame Essence
Poker Heaven Weighted Contributed
ComeOn! Poker Dealt
Everest Poker Dealt
Betsson Ongame Essence
Betsson Euro Tables Weighted Contributed
SuperStack Poker Weighted Contributed
888 Poker Weighted Contributed
WPT Poker Weighted Contributed
Betsafe Ongame Essence
Ladbrokes Weighted Contributed
PKR Weighted Contributed
Poker Nordica Weighted Contributed
Coral Poker Ongame Essence
Americas Cardroom Weighted Contributed
Cake Poker Dealt
RedKings Ongame Essence
Betfair Ongame Essence

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