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PokerStars Announces VIP Changes for 2013

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

The world's largest poker site, PokerStars, has announced several great changes to their VIP Club. Check out this video for full details, or read the summary of major changes below it:


  • A new "ChromeStar" VIP level will be introduced. It will sit between BronzeStar and SilverStar, and can be attained by earning 100 VPPs a month. ChromeStar players will have access to a new VIP $5,000 tournament each week, as well as access to 100K Privilege Freerolls.

  • GoldStar VIP status will be 17% easier to earn starting on January 1st - the requirement will drop from 3,000 monthly VPPs to 2,500 VPPs.

  • SilverStar VIP status will be 33% easier to earn starting on January 1st - the requirement will drop from 750 monthly VPPs to 500 monthly VPPs.

  • Lifetime VIP rewards have been expanded to include extra rewards for players who hit 5 million and 10 million lifetime VPPs. At 5 million, players will enter the VIP Club Hall of Fame and receive a TAG Heuer watch at a live event. Plus, they'll receive instant messenger support from senior PokerStars staff. At 10 million points, players will also receive a cell phone number to call senior staff with their issues.


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