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Isaac Haxton Defeats Viktor Blom in SuperStar Showdown

By Matt Kaufman, Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Team PokerStars Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom believes he's the best heads-up NLHE player in the world, and unlike most players who make that claim he's willing to play anyone in order to prove it.

The SuperStar Showdown is a series of heads-up matches he has participated in against many of the world's best heads-up specialists (and a few people who just had the cash to participate...). His record has been unbelievable:

The only individuals who have beaten Blom in a match have been Isaac Haxton and Daniel Negreanu - and Negreanu is an overall loser to Blom anyway due to their first match.

This week, Isaac Haxton was set to play a rematch with Isildur1, and the poker world got very excited over the prospect of watching perhaps the 2 best heads-up NLHE players in the world go to battle again.

In their first day of play, Haxton went down nearly $100,000 before a storm in Malta caused his internet connection to break. A few days later, the island had recovered from the storm and Haxton got back to work, starting off by losing an additional $30,000.

From that moment, however, the tides turned quite a bit and Haxton managed a $200,000 positive swing to take the lead. Isildur1 climbed back a bit, but the match ended with Haxton the victor by a margin of just $5,093. We recommend you check out some details on the biggest hands over at the PokerStars Blog, and we hope we'll get to witness these two poker legends go head-to-head again sometime soon!

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