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PokerStars Expands Zoom Table Limit

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Zoom Poker at PokerStars is perhaps the fastest online poker experience available today.

Every time you choose to fold your cards, you're instantly moved to a new table and dealt new cards. Players at a single table of Zoom Poker can very reasonably average over 250 hands per hour.

If you're a player who hates waiting while others finish hands that you're not involved in, Zoom may be perfect for you. Even just one or two tables of Zoom Poker can speed up the game to a point where most players will be quite happy with the speed.

That said, maybe you're way quicker to act than an average player. Perhaps 4 tables of Zoom Poker (the previous limit) weren't enough for you.

PokerStars has just responded to the needs of those players who were fast enough to handle 4 - the maximum number of Zoom Tables that individual players can play at is now 8.

If 8 Zoom tables constantly dealing you new cards every time you click fold still isn't enough, our recommendation is for you to go back to your home planet.


UpdatePlayers are still restricted to four entries per pool, but can play eight tables by entering another game type or stake. For example, 4 tables of 25nl 6-max and 4 tables of full-ring.

The PokerStars table cap remains 24, and 1 Zoom table now counts for 3 regular tables. Therefore you could hit the maximum with 8 Zoom tables, or a combination of e.g. 4 Zoom tables and 12 regular tables.

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