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Fastest PokerStars Players Have a 44 Table Cap

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Industry giant PokerStars has long been the online poker site of choice for the multitabler - with a default table cap of 24 for cash games (and no maximum limit for MTTs and SNGs), fast software, and the highest player traffic online.

Earlier this year PokerStars began monitoring cash players' APM (actions per minute), and those with faster than normal reaction times and a history of multi-tabling were privately offered higher table caps. If they so wished, the software would allow them to sit at more than 24 tables.

What's the highest number of tables possible on PokerStars?

While the players' identities, games and stakes were kept anonymous, a site rep posted on the TwoPlusTwo forums today that:

There are a few players with [a table cap of] 44.

The question had arose when a poster in the 2012 Supernova Elite pursuit thread mentioned they'd had their table limit increased to 32, and asked if it's still possible to receive further increases. PokerStars Caleb confirmed that the table cap does indeed continue to rise for those that act fast enough.

Famous Multi-tablers

In January PokerStars Team Online Pro Randy 'Nanonoko' Lew set a Guinness world record for multi-tabling at the PokerStars Caribbean adventure (PCA), a series of live MTTs hosted in The Bahamas.

For the challenge he played up to 40 tables concurrently for 8 hours, playing 23,493 hands and finishing in the green with a profit of $7.65 and a boatload of FPPs (PokerStars' rakeback equivalent).

The year before another PokerStars sponsored pro Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospelier set a similar record for playing 62 Sit & Go tournaments in an hour profitably. 

Players that grind mass volume over dozens of tables are often referred to as 'rakeback pros', as a significant percentage of their hourly is derived from rakeback or VIP rewards. Rakeback dollars spend just the same as money won at the tables though, and these players often have smooth, virtually variance-free poker graphs.

We recommend the videos below for more multi-tabling motivation.

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