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Rakeback.Com Launches the PokerStars Rakeback Calculator

By Joss Wood, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

For the first time, players can now forecast their rakeback on PokerStars using our new Rakeback Calculator. This amazing tool has been developed by Rakeback.com as a free service to our players.

Earning rakeback is critically important to the profits you make from poker. High volume players typically make well over 50% of their profits just from rakeback. Cash game win rates even for good players are around 2 to 4 bb/100. Rake can be three or four times higher than this, so getting even 25% in rakeback can double your profit.

PokerStars offers rakeback exclusively through its VIP program; every player is on the same deal and the amount of rakeback you receive depends on your VIP level and the amount of rake that you pay.

The PokerStars VIP program is complicated to work out because benefits come in several forms; the Rakeback.com PokerStars Calculator lets you enter the details of how you play and does all the hard work for you. In seconds you can get a forecast of your PokerStars rakeback for the rest of this year, for the whole of next year, or from any start month you choose.

Now, you can see exactly how many hands or tournaments you need to play to get that next bonus or reach that lucrative higher VIP level. Want to plan for Supernova or even Supernova elite? The Rakeback Calculator can be used to work out how much you need to play to get there.

Experiment with higher stakes to see how your rakeback percentage changes as you improve your game and see what you could earn if you played that extra couple of hours a week.

Get Your PokerStars Rakeback Forecast Now!

The basic data entry screen is simplicity itself; just enter your Game Type, Stakes and how many hands you play per day and click the Calculate button.

If you select Tournament in the Game Type drop down box, an extra box will appear where you can choose the average stake of the tournaments you play. Then simply enter how many tournaments you play a day and click Calculate.

Almost instantly you will get a report showing your PokerStars rakeback %, the dollar amount of rakeback you will earn and the amount of Frequent Player Points (FPPs) your play has generated. By default these numbers are from today until the end of this calendar year.

A graph shows the amount of rakeback you will earn together with the rakeback % equivalent. On its right is a thumbnail which shows you the same information if your play was calculated over a full calendar year. Click the little blue Next Year link to switch between graphs.

On the right of the Calculate button there is an Advanced Options link in blue. Click this to bring up three extra options. If you already have a PokerStars account, you can enter your VIP level and VIP Player Points balance.

Now when you hit Calculate, you will be able to forecast whether you will increase your VIP level with your level of play, or find out what you need to do to maintain or reach one of the annual Supernova levels.

If you plan to start your journey up the PokerStars VIP ladder at some time in the future, you can choose which month to calculate from up to a year in advance.

The rakeback calculator can be used in reverse when you want to find out how many hands you need to play to reach a particular VPP target. Enter your estimate, and click Calculate. Adjust your estimate to quickly discover what playing volume you need to hit your target. The PokerStars Rakeback Calculator is so fast that a dozen calculations can be done in less than a minute.

The Calculations

The PokerStars Rakeback Calculator is built on rake data from >99.9% of hands played at PokerStars. It uses the latest, completely up to date VIP benefits from PokerStars, and is extremely accurate.

The calculation of the rakeback amount and percentage is partly based on the value of the FPPs you earn. The value that is used for your calculation is displayed on the right hand side of the data. This value changes with VIP level because FPPs are normally exchanged at different rates depending on level,

Wise use of your FPP points can substantially increase the rakeback you can earn. The best value for lower VIP levels can be found by using FPPs for satellite tournaments where you can win PokerStars Tournament Dollars ($T).

$T can be used to enter tournaments or can be exchanged for real $ on a number of poker forums (the exchange rate is around $T100 for $99). Best value of all is if you are a winning tournament player and you can use the $T directly to enter tournaments where you have a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Non-Cash VIP Benefits

The PokerStars Rakeback Calculator does not set a value on some of the benefits that are available as a PokerStars VIP. Every VIP level gives some form of entry to subsidised freeroll or FPP tournaments.

These can be extremely valuable. The 2012 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event champion, Maratik entered a 40 FPP satellite as the first step on his way to winning a ticket and walked away with a bumper payday of $1,000,907.26!

So try out the PokerStars Rakeback Calculator now and see just how much you could earn with an account at PokerStars.

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