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Phil Galfond Welcomes PokerStars Decision to Make High Stakes Tables Zoom Only

PokerStars is making the move to “to reduce the seating and angle-shooting meta-games that surround our current High Stakes offerings. This is in an effort to allow players to concentrate on actually playing poker while encouraging a healthy, competitive, non-predatory environment in our highest stakes games.”Phil Galfond on zoom

Competition at the highest stakes of online poker has become so intense that games often only start when a weak player decides to play, and when he leaves, so do the rest of the players.

Phil Galfond explained his views: “Playing 25/50 and 50/100 PLO is not fun anymore. This isn't about EV for me.. I'm talking about the difference in how much I enjoyed what I do between 1.5yrs ago and now.”

I used to love my job and love playing. I would sleep well, go to the gym, get food, and sit down and almost always have something to play, whether it be 100/200+, or 25/50. Then I would focus and have fun playing the game I love, trying to play as best I can.

Today, the main skills you need are seat-getting, table-hopping, and altering your sleep schedule to not miss a fish. Playing a 25/50 session hasn't been fun for me in a over a year. I have to constantly scan the lobby while I play, and constantly watch to avoid getting buttoned. I'm not even focusing on the interesting parts of the game... I autopilot that part.

PokerStars is one of the standout online poker room operators because it does try to ensure that recreational players get a fair crack of the whip, while balancing the needs of serious players.

The shift to Zoom is being treated as a trial, and if it doesn’t work, PokerStars will try a different solution.

Zoom poker is a variant of the game where instead of sitting at a table with the same players in the same seats, players become part of a player pool. On being dealt a hand, players have the option to fold and are immediately seated at a new table with a new set of players from the same pool.

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