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Barry Greenstein Victim of Cheating on Open-Face Chinese Poker App

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein has been called the "Robin Hood of Poker" because of the huge percentage of his tournament winnings that has gone to charity over the years. Considering he's such a nice person, the poker world should be particularly outraged to learn that he has been cheated by the Open-Face Chinese Poker iPhone/iPad app.

Open-Face Chinese Poker is a poker variant becoming increasingly popular in Las Vegas casinos and in home games around the world. Check out this video explaining how the game works:

In response to the game's popularity, an iPhone and iPad app called "Chinese Open Face Poker" was created to allow players to play against each other or a computer. The app is not available for real-money play, but many players began playing on it for real money anyway (payments could be settled face-to-face).

Barry Greenstein began playing the app at low stakes, and when he was winning he moved up to high stakes against his opponent. At the new higher limits, it seemed that his opponents began to play the game too well for it to be possible.

Greenstein had his nephew, a programmer, check into the software. He found that anyone with a programming background could look into the coding of the app and see what their own upcoming cards were, thus allowing them to set hands perfectly. You can check out his full recount of the situation at PokerStars Blog.

If you're going to start playing Open-Face Chinese Poker, the app is a great way to learn. Just make sure not to play for real money against anyone you aren't 100% sure that you trust!

Update - the new app version is now safe to play.

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