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One Hundred Billion Hands One Hundred Thousand Dollars to Greece

By , Rakeback.com Executive Editor

An oversized banner in the PokerStars lobby counted down the last million hands before the Big One. This was no James Bond countdown, where the last 10 seconds stretches out for half an hour, no, these numbers ripped past as fast as the US debt clock.

Almost before the banner went up, it was done, and observers crowded in to watch the 2c/5c 6 Max NLHE table where the hand would be dealt. Half the table was covered with an onscreen message saying that there would be a pause to give spectators a chance to watch the historic hand go down - a pause? You mean we have to wait after all this?

The chat box filled with PokerStars Team Pro messages - Moneymaker himself, the catalyst for it all pitched in to say that $100k wasn’t a bad return on investment - the table’s largest stack was just $12.

And the tension mounted....

Finally the players knew it was real, as the legendary Lee Jones started to paste pre-scripted dialogue in the chat box. Now there was a glimpse of blue, as the players realized that their computers hadn’t died and gone to heaven, that their keyboards, if not their brains still worked, and that anything they typed would be read by hundreds if not thousands of jealous onlookers. “Congrats” and a smiley face followed, then another and a “Wow”.

Cards flicked around the table and thankfully, UTG HeyitsClay shoved his stack all in. Snap followed by two players, then yet another moment of tension as GlassGagguas decided to think before deciding what to do.

Shove, shove, shove and then the flop. Ace, Two & Jack of clubs. All hands face up, where are the clubs? Has anyone got an Ace?

Microulis69 gazed at J-5 diamonds, not entirely sure he was in front, and knowing deep in his bones that the club would come, the dream would fade and nobody ever got that lucky anyway.

HeyitsClay sat in anguish with the club 6 as, across the table, the only other club sat in the hands of Mayers666 whose 7c-3s suddenly looked pretty good.

The sadist running the deal took an eon, several epochs and an age to deal the turn. Now came the nine of diamonds, a card that unbelievably missed everyone, leaving every player still able to win or chop the hand on the river.

The same heart wrenching wait, but suddenly the sweat was over as the ten of hearts bricked and microulis69’s J-5 suited held up through the agony: $103,800 shipped! Plus the $31.55 pot.

The table had a Greek name, Euryalus XI, so it was surely inevitable the Greek player would win the pot and the top prize, how could microulis69 have doubted that middle pair no draw on a club flop against five opponents would sail through.

But it’s not over yet, celebration giveaways still to come include a $300,000 World Record attempt tournament on Sunday, a $1 million guaranteed Zoom tournament on 23 June; a $1 million Golden Sit & Go promotion from17 to 23 June and soon it’s Zoom and Boom!

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