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PokerStars PLO Rake Reduced to New Industry Lows

By , Rakeback.com Executive Editor

Player meetings at PokerStars Isle of Man HQ have produced many improvements over the last two years, the latest is a real reduction in rake at microstakes Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) ring games.

Although rake structures for PLO and No Limit Hold’em have always been the same, PLO players have felt that their game should be treated differently. In PLO there is a lot more action than in Hold’em. More players enter more pots, and bigger average pots mean more rake paid to the operator.

This problem becomes acute at the lowest stakes where players regularly play more than the optimum percentage of hands. PokerStars has decided to take the problem head on and reduce the rake across all PLO tables with blinds up to 10c/25c.

New Rake Structure

PokerStars stated that they had no plans to change the rake at higher stakes.

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