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Gift to Grinders: PokerStars Now Displays Tablet and Mobile Icons

There are two new options in the “Options, Table Display…” menu. One allows other players to see your status, the other allows you to see their status. The default for regular players, unless you want to be particularly deceptive, is to show other players’ mobile icons, while hiding yours.PokerStars Tablet Icon

Theoretically, all the grinders will be playing on PCs where they can use their poker tracking software and Head Up Displays (HUD) while playing many more tables than are possible on a mobile device. That leaves the main mobile users as the recreational players, who should be weaker than the pros.

The icon is particularly useful while playing Zoom Poker – the fast poker game where every hand is played at a different table against different opponents. Zoom is a great way to get in a lot of action while using a mobile, so has become very popular amongst recreational players.

The problem for the grinder in Zoom, is to recognize the weaker players in a player pool without being able to see their action on a single table over time, and with few database stats to back up a judgment. The new icon gives a better than random idea that a player may be weak.

In the same way that players learned to use the “Muck winning hands” option, they will quickly catch on to hiding their status, but in the meantime, there is an extra free piece of information being provided by PokerStars which regulars will inevitably exploit.

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