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PokerStars Competes with Wall Street to Make the Most Millionaires

PokerStars-million-spinandgoIn the last seven days, PokerStars has created six new millionaires through its Spin & Go tournaments. The grand total might be less than the number of millionaires made on Wall Street, but PokerStars is catching up fast.

Seven Days of Spin & Go Millionaires

Beginning on October 21, the $5 price of a PokerStars anniversary Spin & Go ticket turned into a $1 million payday for Brazilian player, “Samara Lúcio.”

The very next day, player “wrawras”, who also hails from Brazil won the top prize in one of the regular $100 buy-in Spin & Go tournaments. Brazil’s balance of payments problem just got a little bit easier thanks to PokerStars.

After a three day gap, UK player “prophethicks” joined the ranks of PokerStars millionaires after winning a $5 Spin & Go. Then back at the $100 buy-in, “barrakuuda4” from Estonia took first place after the spin produced another $1.2 million prize pool. Second and third place prize money for these events is $100,000 each.

The next $1 million prize went to Germany, after “handbt1” won at the $5 Spin & Go. Finally, yesterday, another $1 million went to the Southern hemisphere when Australian player “ifipushud325” turned his $5 stake into a million buck payday. His win took just 12 minutes of play.

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Online Poker in Brazil is Hot

The back to back wins by Brazilian players which kicked off this run is good news for PokerStars marketing plans.

Online poker is hot in Brazil right now, helped no end by the enthusiasm shown by football superstars Neymar Jr and Ronaldo, who are both ambassadors for PokerStars.

As one of the BRIC country’s Brazil has the potential to be one of the most economically powerful nations in the world. Political difficulties and a collapsing oil price have led to the present state of economic turmoil in the South American giant, but the broader forces of economics are likely to win through turning Brazil into one of the most important online poker markets.

PokerStars is spending a lot of marketing dollars on building its presence in the country, something which Brazilian players can take advantage of with country specific promotions and nationally restricted tournaments.

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The PokerStars Spin & Go Phenomenon

The Spin & Go tournament format has hit online poker like an express train. The three handed tournaments have a hyper-turbo blind structure and begin with short stacks. The prize money to be awarded is decided randomly—but with a verified statistical distribution—so that players can find themselves playing for up to 10,000 times the buy-in.

Around three quarters of all tournaments offer a prize pool that is only two times the buy-in, but one event in four plays for a higher multiple. The $1.2 million prize pool at the $100 buy-in tournaments only turns up three times every million tournaments. This gives recreational players as much chance of being in with a chance of life changing money as professional players.

The spin which determines the prize pool kicks off each tournament, adds excitement and the fact that each tournament only lasts for a few minutes makes Spin & Gos perfect for casual players.

If you are in the US and can’t play on PokerStars, Americas Cardroom offers its own version of Spin & Gos, called Jackpot Poker. It’s the only room open to US players where you can find the new games.

By Joss Wood Rakeback.com Content Manager

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