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Online Poker Players “STRIKE” Back

PokerStars Headline

Recently, PokerStars announced changes to their VIP Club that will remove the SuperNova Elite rewards tier, as of January 2016. This change is not sitting well with many of PokerStars’ high volume players.

Time to Strike

Poker pro Dani “Ansky” Stern has spearheaded a movement, which includes several other high profile online pros, including Ben Sulsky and Phil Galfond.

Stern wrote in a TwoPlusTwo thread... "We are organizing a strike/boycott of PokerStars from December 1-3, starting at 12:01 a.m. EST. We ask everyone who values the game of poker at all, recreational or pro, to show their support. We especially ask those who put in high volume on Stars to do so. Please do not play a hand of poker on PokerStars for those 72 hours. It goes without saying that games are likely to be softer on those days, and we hope that you can resist the urge to play because of that. I truly believe that these changes will bring about devastating effects to the online poker community."

Stern is hoping the strike will, if nothing else, lead PokerStars to delay the changes until January 2017.

Some say, however, that in the long run these changes could be good for the game. PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu called the changes “inevitable”, and believes PokerStars’ focus in the past, has been geared too far in the favor of high volume players.

Negreanu also admitted that PokerStars has not handled the communication with players in the best of ways.

What's Next?

The full impact of the strike or boycott remains to be seen, but regardless it’s bad for business. Anytime a company’s customers are unhappy, there’s a problem.

PokerStars is risking the loss of their Platinum and SuperNova VIP’s to other online poker sites, which could by the New Year, be offering better “maximum rakeback deals” for players.

Since cash games above stakes of $5/$10 will get no VIP benefits, players at these levels will probably either move down in stakes or leave. Rakeback.com's suggestions for alternatives to playing on PokerStars are here.

Nonetheless, PokerStars is the world’s leading online poker site for a reason. They keep their customers happy. When their customers speak, they listen. This is another chance for PokerStars to turn a negative into a positive.

The 3-day strike ends tonight at midnight ET.

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By Dan Dececco, Rakeback.com Freelance Author

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