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PokerStars Battle of the Planets

PokerStars Battle of the Planets promotion.The PokerStars Battle of the Planets is a promotion that gives Sit & Go players on PokerStars a chance to compete against each other on public Leader Boards. PokerStars give away more than $3,000,000 each year in special prizes for top finishers in several different categories.

There are eight different leader board divisions, each named after a planet from our solar system. This chart shows how much cash is given away every week to the top finishers in each division:

Battle of the Planers PokerStars Divisions

As you can see, each PokerStars Battle of the Planets division is split into two separate competitions. The Low Orbit Leader Board is geared toward casual and recreational players and ranks competitors based on the results in their best 20-game block of SNGs each week. The High Orbit Leader Board is for high-volume players and professionals, and it ranks them according to the results in their best 100-game block over the course of the week.

You can see the current week and previous week’s Battle of the Planets Leader Boards in the PokerStars software under Requests —> Sit & Go Leader Boards.

In addition to the cash prizes they receive, the top 10 finishers from each of the 16 weekly Leader Boards are invited to compete in that month’s triple shootout with a prize pool of $50,000.

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