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PokerStars Big Game

PokerStars The Big GameThe PokerStars Big Game is a high-stakes poker cash game that’s shown on television on the FOX network. The episodes also appear on PokerStars.tv along with exclusive internet-only content like player bios, game statistics, and bonus footage. The show is hosted by Amanda Leatherman.

The Big Game has blinds of $200 and $400 and an ante of $100. Betting is pot limit before the flop and no limit after the flop. Six players are seated in the game at a time, five of whom are well-known poker pros. The show’s unique twist is that the last seat is filled by a lucky amateur who has won his way on through freeroll tournaments and a video audition. This player is the Loose Cannon, so called because no one can really be sure how he’s going to play.

The Loose Cannon is staked in the game for $100,000 courtesy PokerStars and after 150 hands (5-8 hours of play), he gets to walk away with any profit he’s made over his $100,000 buy-in.

In the Big Game’s first season in 2010, there were 11 different Loose Cannons, four of which walked away with a profit. Among these, it was week 12’s Bob Ferdinand who hit it the biggest, scoring a $181,500 win. For proving himself to be the best of the season’s amateur guests, he also was awarded with a North American Poker Tour passport valued at $50,000.

How to Enter The Big Game at PokerStars

Players from the U.S. or Canada are encouraged to apply for the position of Loose Cannon on the PokerStars Big Game.

First, you’ll need to finish in top 300 in any daily PokerStars The Big Game round 1 tournaments. Once you do, you’ll be qualified for the weekly round 2 tournament on Saturday. Finish in the top 1000 in that tournament and you’ll move on to round 3 on Sunday. Finish in the top 200 in that one, and you’ll be in the Big Game casting pool.

The next step for potential Loose Cannons is to show a bit of personality and charisma. All of the finalists will have to submit a casting video explaining why they should be chosen to appear on the show.

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