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PokerStars Security

The PokerStars Security Department ensures all games are conducted fairly and is responsible for researching and resolving all disputes. From downloading the PokerStars client to in-game security, PokerStars has developed many procedures to ensure game integrity.

Software Download Security

Procedures are in place to verify that the executable file downloaded from the PokerStars servers is unmodified before it is installed.

PokerStars In-Game Security

The PokerStars software uses Certificate Authority to authenticate the PokerStars servers. SSL encryption is used between players computers and the PokerStars servers.

These security settings and methods are available within the PokerStars client:

PokerStars security settings within the game client.

Login Safety with RSA Security Token or PIN Number

If you want your account login to be safer from hackers, get an RSA Security Token from the VIP Store. It's a device that generates an extra password to you every time you log-in.

Another option for more secure login is to set up a PokerStars PIN number from within your account. It is not as strong as the RSA Security Token, but still a good alternative which is available for free.

Collusion at PokerStars?

PokerStars Security Department uses detection methods to determine if two or more players are sharing hole cards on the same table. The Security Department also investigates players reports about suspected collusion.

Shuffling and PokerStars RNG

PokerStars uses two different ways to randomly shuffle the deck. The first is by using mouse movements and timing collected by the PokerStars software. The second is by a hardware random number generator (RNG). The PokerStars RNG is routinely verified by an outside third party to ensure proper randomness.

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