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PokerStars VIP Club

The PokerStars VIP Club rewards its frequent players with a number of items including cash, merchandise and live and online tournament entries. Your VIP level is based on the number of VIP Player Points (VPPs) earned monthly or annually.

VPPs are earned at different rates depending on the game and stakes you play.

Generally, you earn 5.5 VPPs for each $1.00 USD or CAD in fee paid, 6.5 VPPs for each €1.00 EUR in fee paid, or 8.25 VPPs for each £1.00 GBP in fee paid. These rates may be updated due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Play at microdtakes cash games earns slightly higher rates of VPPs.

PokerStars VIP Club

Monthly VIP Levels

  • BronzeStar – There is no VPP requirement to become a BronzeStar.
  • ChromeStar-Earn 100 VPPs in one calendar month to become ChromeStar.
  • SilverStar – Earn 500 VPPs in one calendar month and you become SilverStar.
  • GoldStar – Earn 2,500 VPPs in one calendar month and you become GoldStar.
  • PlatinumStar – Earn 7,500 VPPs in one calendar month and you become PlatinumStar.

Yearly VIP Level

  • Supernova – Earn 100,000 VPPs in one calendar year and you become Supernova.
  • The former Supernova Elite level has been discontinued

VIP Benefits

PokerStars bases its VIP benefits around StarsCoin. You earn StarsCoin by completing a “Step.” At Bronze level, each step takes 5 VPPs to complete and earns 7 StarsCoin.

The steps become more difficult to complete at higher VIP levels, but result in larger payouts of StarsCoin. A full list of steps is here.

At the GoldStar level, each step takes 250 VPPs to complete, but earns 800 StarsCoin.

At all levels, the StarsCoins paid out are increased at every fifth step. The normal 800 coin payout at GoldStar increases incrementally at each fifth step from 1,675 to 3,500.

PlatinumStar VIPs receive an additional 50,000 StarsCoin reward when achieving Supernova VIP status.

StarsCoin have a nominal value of $0.01 and can be exchanged directly for cash in the PokerStars VIP Store. The minimum cash rebate is $25 which can be obtained in exchange for 2,500 StarsCoin.

The exchange is done instantly and the funds immediately appear in your PokerStars account.

Other VIP Benefits

  • PokerStars Store – Use your StarsCoin balance to purchase, merchandise and tournament tickets.
  • Play in Weekly VIP Tourneys, or the Monthly VIP Tournament. Buy-ins are equivalent to the Starscoin paid out by achieving one step. The prize pool varies depending on VIP status.

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