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PokerStars FPP Points

Every real money tournament or cash game you play on PokerStars you earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs). FPPs are calculated as follows:

Tournaments: 5.5 FPPs earned for each $1 in tournament fees paid.

Cash Games: 6 FPPs earned for each $1 in rake.

In cash games FPPs are divided equally amongst all players dealt into a hand. For example, in a nine handed table if a total of $3 in rake is paid on a hand, 18 FPPs are awarded. Each player will receive 2 FPPs (18 FPPs / 9 players). Cash tables with seven or fewer seats earn FPPs at a rate of 5.5 per $1 in rake.

FPP Multipliers

Depending on your VIP level you could earn a multiplier on the number FPPs earned.

  • BronzeStar – No multiplier
  • SilverStar – 1.5x multiplier
  • GoldStar – 2x multiplier
  • PlatinumStar – 2.5x multiplier
  • Supernova – 3.5x multiplier
  • Supernova Elite – 5x multiplier

You can view your FPP balance through the Cashier screen in the game client. FPP balances only expire if you do not accumulate any points in a calendar year.

PokerStars FPP points total in cashier.

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