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Win Your Share of $46,250 in the Poker Nordica VIP Points Race

Poker Nordica VIP Points ChaseEvery month Poker Nordica is giving away $46,250 in their monthly VIP Points Chase. There are nine prize levels with the top level players earning $2,000.

The way the VIP Points race is explained well on the Poker Nordica web site:

“The way it works is that once you move onto a new level, there will be an available slot open on the group you just left. This placeholder will be filled up by the player that has the most amount of points to enter into the group at that time.

For example:

Player A moves out of Group 1 into Group 2 because he has 2,001 VIP Points leaving one position open on Group 1. Player B, who has 1,900 VIP Points, and has the most amount of VIP Points possible to enter into Group 1, gets moved into the open place in Group 1. There were no other players that had between 1,901 and 1,999 VIP Points above him, so he was the first player to move.”

The groups, number of prizes available and prize amount are as follows:

Group 1 (25 prizes available) - $10
Group 2 (25 prizes available) - $20
Group 3 (25 prizes available) - $40
Group 4 (25 prizes available) - $60
Group 5 (20 prizes available) - $200
Group 6 (20 prizes available) - $350
Group 7 (20 prizes available) - $600
Group 8 (10 prizes available) - $1,000
Group 9 (5 prizes available) - $2,000

Updated leaderboards are available on the Poker Nordica web site.

Open a Poker Nordica account today and receive 35% rakeback and a sign up bonus of up to $500. Also, when you use certain e-wallet deposit options you could be eligible for an instant $20 bonus.

Poker Nordica

  • Up to 45% Rakeback
  • None Sign-up Bonus
  • Bonus Code:



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