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Become a millionaire with Betfair

Increased sign-up bonus from Betfair to Rakeback.com usersRakeback.com is giving you the exclusive chance of participating in one of the most exciting poker challenges of 2009 – The Free Million Dollar Game – and being fast-tracked directly to the final table. This is the first event of WSOP Europe 2009, and is being fully sponsored by Betfair Poker.

One final table. One players walks away with $1 million dollars.

The last qualification period is on, so don’t miss your chance! The qualification is open until 16th August and your chance to have a shot of becoming a millionaire is on 30th August – that’s when the Rakeback.com Final is being held.

And last but not least: for all new Betfair players signing up with Rakeback.com there is a new increased sign-up bonus: BF1750, which is effectively a $1750 Poker sign-up bonus that pays out at a rate of $10 for every 300 Betfair Poker points (rather than the usual 400 points).


    Want to become a millionaire? Play at Betfair and get the 30 to 40% rakeback also.

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    Rakeback increases your winnings from online poker as you continually earn money back from every raked hand or tournament you play.

    Many players earn a living wage from rakeback alone. Use the calculator below to estimate the size of payments you’ll get over a given period of time. The calculator will compute your expected daily, weekly, and monthly cash back depending on the stakes and tables you input.

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