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Coral Poker Grand Series of Poker 7

Coral Poker GSOP 7The biggest tournament series on Coral Poker is even bigger this time around. The Grand Series of Poker 7, which kicks off on September 25th, features 19 different events with a total guaranteed prize pool of more than $3 million.

Coral Poker GSOP 7 Schedule

All GSOP tournament and qualifiers can be found in the Poker Lobby in the Special section under the Scheduled Tournaments tab.

The Grand Slam

The Grand Slam is the last and biggest event of the series. It will be held on October 16th at 19:00 GMT. The buy-in to the Grand Slam is $5,000, but there are plenty of ways to gain entry with a much smaller down payment. Read on to find out how.

GSOP Leaderboard

Throughout the GSOP players will earn leaderboard points for their finishes in each of the 18 events leading up to the Grand Slam. The formula determining the number of leaderboard points for each player is:

Points = ((PrizePool 0,2) / (Place Finished 0,5))*10.

On the night before the Grand Slam, the top 100 finishers on the leaderboard will get to play for a free Grand Slam Final ticket.

Coral Poker GSOP 7 Leaderboard Qualifiers

The winner of the leaderboard gets to skip the qualifiers. The prize as leaderboard champion is a free entry to the $5,000 Grand Slam Final.

GSOP Sidebet

The GSOP Sidebet is an exciting opportunity for high rollers to wager on their final position on the GSOP leaderboard.  To enter, register for the GSOP Sidebet registration turbo-tournament for $1,000. All players in that tournament will receive a GSOP Sidebet ticket confirming their entry in the contest. Then earn as many GSOP leaderboard points as you can!

The payout structure of the GSOP Sidebet will vary based on the number of participants. If fewer than 15 players enter, the Sidebet contest is winner-take-all. Please visit the GSOP Sidebet Page for details.


The GSOP Mini is a series of tournaments that run in parallel with the GSOP, but with buy-ins around 10% of those of the GSOP events. The GSOP Mini offers a total guaranteed prizepool of $600,000. Please visit the GSOP Mini Page to see the full schedule.

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