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Full Tilt 1UP Multi Entry Tournament

Earn Bonus Tickets and Extra Prizes for Merging Entries

Full Tilt 1UP Multi-Entry Tournament

Full Tilt Poker's 1UP Multi-Entry Tournament features a $1,500 guaranteed prizepool and runs daily at 13:00 ET with a $5 buy-in.

Register and cash in two or more events to win bonus tournament tickets.

You can register up to 4 entries in each 1UP tournament to win a maximum of 3 bonus tickets for cashing multiple times. Furthermore, you can earn up to $5,000 for merging your entries before reaching the final table.

Bonus Tournament Tickets 

In additional to a cash prize, you will be entitled a bonus prize of tournament tickets when 2 or more of your entries have survived the bursting of the bubble in a 1UP tournament.

The tickets ($5 each) can be used to register for further 1UP tournaments. 

Entries winning cash prize Award
2 1 bonus ticket
3 2 bonus ticket
All 4 3 bonus ticket

Extra Prize for Merging Entries

Win cash or Tournament Dollars (T$) as a bonus prize* when you merge 2 or more of your entries and combine the chip stacks before reaching the final table.

The amount awarded depends on the number of entries you have merged:

Number of Entries Award
2 T$50 in addion to cash prizes
3 T$250 in addition to cash prizes
All 4 $5,000 in addition to cash prizes

*Cash or T$ bonus prizes will be credited to winners' account within 72 hours

Full Tilt Poker

  • Up to 40% Rakeback
  • $600 Sign-up Bonus
  • Bonus Code: None



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