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Brand New Matrix Tournaments and FTOPS X on Full Tilt Poker

Enter the Matrix − a new higher level of poker. 4 Sit & Gos equals to 1 tournament; your overall performance will also be scored and paid out from a Matrix Tournament prize pool. Earn 2 points for a knockout, 1 point for each player you outlast and 2 points for winning at each table. Matrix comes with all sizes of buy-in, No Limit Holdem and Limit/Pot Limit Omaha/Hi-Lo and HORSE included; everyone can learn to play the Matrix.

FTOPS X is coming again, running from November 5th until November 16th. Twenty-five chances to bring home FTOPS gold; more than $15 million in prize money, exclusive FullTilt FTOPS gear, and a chance to become the next FTOPS champion. You can start today by playing in one of the FTOPS X Satellite tournaments, where you can win entry to any FTOPS event or go further and take part in the FTOPS X Satellite Challenge. You can win as many FTOPS X tournament entries as you like; for every additional satellite you win to each event, you'll receive Tournament Dollars(T$) equal to the tournament entry.  You can win entries to any FTOPS X event, including the Two-Day Event, with its new $5000 buy-in, and the $2.5 million guaranteed Main Event.

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