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Poker Heaven Presents €25,000 March Survivor Promotion

PokerHeaven Survivor IIMarch 2011 – Poker Heaven is giving away €25,000 in cash prizes to players who demonstrate their survivor skills on the felt. You can participate in the month-long Survivor Challenge competition by earning enough Frequent Player Points to advance through 7 different levels. Miss your earnings target, and you’re “voted off the island,” so to speak.

There are three separate prize pools–bronze, silver, and gold–each requiring competitors to earn a certain number of FPPs within the specified level. For bronze, this is 50; for silver, it’s 250; and for gold, it’s 750. Players have until the end of the first level to permanently select which Survivor Challenge they will be competing in.

The first level of the Challenge gets underway at 00:00 GMT, March 1st, and the complete level schedule is as follows:

  • Level 1: March 1-7
  • Level 2: March 8-13
  • Level 3: March 14-18
  • Level 4: March 19-22
  • Level 5: March 23-25
  • Level 6: March 26-27
  • Level 7: March 28

As you can see, the levels get progressively shorter, which means you’ll have to step up your pace of FPP collection to meet your level targets.

If you manage to survive through the end of the 7th level, you’ll split the prize pool with any other winners in your category. If you’re the last man standing, you scoop the whole pot!

To get started, first download the official Poker Heaven software and register for an account. Then opt into the bronze, silver, or gold Surivor Challenge by clicking the appropriate button in The Player Zone.

Good luck!

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