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Exclusive Poker Nordica $2,000 Races

This April, Rakeback.com will be running two exclusive races for all of our valued Poker Nordica players.  From April 1st through April 30th there’s $2,000 to be won, and here’s how:
Poker Nordica $2,000 Races

$1,500 Rake Race

To join the $1,500 Rake Race, all you need is a Poker Nordica account registered through Rakeback.com.  If you already have one, you can simply start playing.  If you don’t, you’ll need to sign up for a Poker Nordica account in order to participate in this and all of our other promotions at Poker Nordica.

Payout Structure

  • 1st Place:             $375
  • 2nd Place:             $200
  • 3rd through 5th Place:        $100
  • 6th through 10th Place:      $75
  • 11th through 15th Place:       $50

$500 Raked Hand Race

The $500 Raked Hand Race is perfect for high volume, yet small stakes players who don’t generate enough rake to place in the $1,500 Rake Race.  Eligibility is the same as with the $1,500 Rake Race, and again all you need is a Poker Nordica account registered through Rakeback.com to participate.

The top 5 players who generate the highest number of raked hands- regardless of stakes- and haven’t already been awarded a prize in the $1,500 Rake Race are eligible for the following prizes:

$500 Raked Hand Race Standings (as of April 7th)

username Raked Hands prize
1. frob2600 581 $200
2. tigerkot5 102 $100
3. Scoopydoo81 81 $100
4. zibaila 79 $50
5. shimmersham 73 $50

Players are automatically entered into both races by playing at Poker Nordica during April with an account registered through Rakeback.com.  Rankings in each race will be updated weekly so you can track your progress.  Make sure to sign up for a Poker Nordica account in order to participate.

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