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$15,000 Bad Beat Jackpot on PokerDom

PokerDom offers both a Texas Holdem and Omaha bad beat jackpot. 1% extra rake is taken at tables marked ‘jackpot’ in the lobby.

At the time of writing the PokerDom Holdem BBJ is approaching 900,000 RUB ($15,000) and the Omaha BBJ 700,000 RUB ($12,000).

PokerDom Bad Beat Jackpot Rules

  • Lose with Four of a Kind 7s or better in Holdem, or Four of a Kind Aces in Omaha
  • Use both hole cards at showdown with 2+ players dealt in

PokerDom Jackpot Distribution

  • 35% of the jackpot is paid to the loser of the hand
  • 20% is paid to the winner of the hand
  • 15% is divided among other players dealt in at the table
  • 20% is used to seed the next PokerDom bad beat jackpot
  • 10% house fee

Established in 2014, PokerDom is one of the fastest growing names in online poker right now with up to 40% rakeback from VIP rewards and a 200% up to $2,500 bonus that clears at 50% additional rakeback.

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