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PokerStars 70 Billionth Hand Milestone

PokerStars 70 Billionth Hand Promotion

PokerStars is set to celebrate dealing its 70 billionth cash game poker hand as part of its road to 100 Billion Hands promotion.

The 70 billionth mega milestone hand is set to be dealt in early November, with many other smaller milestone prize hands in the run-up to the big one.

You can check how many hands have been dealt on the Pokerstars website, or in-game by checking the hand-counter on your cash game table:

PokerStars In-Game Hand Count

Milestone Hands

Hundreds of milestone prize hands are still yet to be hit on the run-up to the 70 billionth hand. The milestone hands will fall on every millionth hand from the 69,700,000,000th to 69,999,000,000th.

Players dealt into one of these milestone hands win a cash prize of $50 for every VPP they earned in the previous 50 hands they played on that table, a base prize of an extra $50, and then any player that wins a portion of the main pot will have all their prizes doubled – so make sure you don’t fold!

The Big One

Next up will be the 70 billion mega milestone hand. If you’re lucky enough to be dealt into and win this hand, you’ll take down at least $70,000 in cash!

PokerStars offers the following tips to help you maximize your prizes:

PokerStars 70 Billionth Hand Tips

You can also find out more on the PokerStars milestone prizes information page on the PokerStars website.

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