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Rakeback on Twitch - Friday Night Freerolls & Bounty MTTs

Update - This promotion is on hold as our Twitch streamer is away. 

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  • What:  Friday Night Twitch events hosted by Rakeback.com player UpGunners, with prize giveaways
  • When:  Fridays at 18:00 ET.  
  • Where:  Live stream on our Twitch channel, and poker on Americas Cardroom  / Black Chip (same player pool)
  • Who:  Partially open to all - tagged Rakeback.com players earn larger prizes and entry to the main event

Event 1 - Bounty

Every Friday, 18:00 ET - Rail UpGunners as she grinds the BIG10 $10k GTD event ($28+2 buy in).

Bust UpGunners and earn a bounty of up to $55:  a $5 base bounty, plus $50 if your ACR or BCP account is tagged to Rakeback.com.

Get free tips and chat with the Rakeback.com community, plus vie for the pro bounty.

Rakeback on Twitch - BIG10 GTD

Screenshot of a previous event (but join us every Friday ongoing)

Event 2 - Public Freeroll & Bounty

Every Friday, 20:00 ET - $100 Public freeroll immediately after the stream. Password will be given out during the 18:00-19:59 stream, on the Twitch page - http://www.twitch.tv/rakebackdotcom

Anyone can enter free, even if you're not tagged to us.

Bust UpGunners and earn a bounty of up to $30a $5 base bounty, plus $25 if your ACR or BCP account is tagged to Rakeback.com.

Compete for the bounty and the regular freeroll prize pool.

Rakeback Twitch - Public Freeroll

 Example event (ignore specific dates)

Main Event - Private Freeroll & Bounty

Last Friday of the month, 21:00 ET - $100 Private freeroll.

Anyone who signs up or signs up a friend to ACR via Rakeback.com and makes a qualifying deposit of $25+ will be entered into the End-of-the-Month private freeroll in turbo format!

Bust UpGunners and earn a bounty of up to $500- a $100 base bounty, plus $10 for every participant over the 10th player. 

Example A: 17 players enter. The prize pool is $100 and the bounty is $100+70 = $170.

Example B: 50 players enter. The prize pool is $100 and the bounty is $100+400 = $500.

Rakeback Twitch Private Freeroll

Example lobby from the inaugural event

How to take part:

1.  If you don't yet have an account with ACR, sign up via the link above or on our Americas Cardroom landing page. You may need to disable your Adblock temporarily to view the page.

Clearing cookies and using bonus code RAKEBACKRB when depositing also help but are not essential.

Americas Cardroom - Rakeback Tagged Players


2.  Email [email protected] referencing 'Twitch TV' so we can verify you're tracked. Include your ACR username. Verification may take up to 72hrs.  If you miss a private freeroll we'll add you the following one. 

If you're a tagged ACR player of ours from the past, you and a friend can play in the private freeroll if you sign a friend up. Otherwise, we can only enter new ACR signups that followed step (2) into the private freeroll.

The private freeroll is only for ACR players unless you are a BCP tagged player and sign up a friend to ACR, and then we can enter you both.

3.  Follow us on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/rakebackdotcom

Rakeback Twitch

4.Twitch TV Notifications

5.  Tune in Friday nights at 18:00 ET to rail the $10k GTD, take a shot at the bounty, enter the public freeroll, and qualify for the end of month private freeroll.

Rakeback Twitch Free Poker Tournament Details

Terms & Conditions

  • All new signups must be tagged to Rakeback.com to qualify for larger bounties and the main event
  • Qualifying deposit = $25 or more
  • Players CAN earn multiple entries for signing up multiple players (e.g. a player can earn consecutive turbo freeroll entries in 3 weeks for signing up 3 separate players)
  • Fraudulent or duplicate accounts do not count (to be verified by ACR)
  • Freeroll and stream times are subject to change. Details at http://www.twitch.tv/rakebackdotcom
  • All player accounts will be verified with ACR
  • All transfers will be made by ACR and can take up to 30 days to complete
  • Retags are not allowed. New accounts only

Americas Cardroom

  • Up to 27% Rakeback
  • $1000 Sign-up Bonus
  • Bonus Code: RAKEBACKRB



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