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RedKings $80,000 Knock’em Down Challenge

redkings-knock-em-down-challengeThroughout April, RedKings is willing to pay up to $80,000 to players who earn the most points, but there’s a twist. You have to stay on the April leaderboard for five days straight.

If you can stay in the Top 60 Chart for any 5 consecutive days, you’ll get paid.  However, if you’re unfortunate enough to get knocked off the Chart during that 5-day span, you’ll receive nothing and have to start your 5 days over again.

Players can win more than once, and a player who stays on the Top 60 Chart for all of April will win 6 times.

The amount paid as reward for your five day span is the sum of the amounts you earn for each of the five days individually. Payouts start at $5 per day for 60th place and go all the way up to $300 per day for 1st place.

For example, if you’re 1st on one day ($300), 5th on your second day ($100), 10th on your third day ($50), 11th on your fourth day ($30), and 25th on your fifth day ($20), you’ll earn $500 ($300 + $100 + $50 + $30 + $20).  However, if on the fifth day you fell off the list, you wouldn’t win anything regardless of how high up you were over the first four days.

On top of all of that, there are several days throughout April where the payout chart will either double or triple.  For example, finishing first on a double day will be worth $600 instead of the normal $300, and finishing first on a triple day will be worth $900.

Here’s the calendar of double and triple days:


There is still time left this month to make the leaderboard so get playing today.

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