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Win $10-$50 for 'Liking' Us on Facebook

'Like' and win up to $50

Promotion Type: Member Contest  
Valid Dates: July 24 - Aug 31, 2014.
Places Paid: 1 Lucky Winner
How to win

'Like' both pages:

Rakeback.com facebook page


Pokerbonus.com facebook page



Terms & Conditions:

  1. One new ‘Like’ between July 28th and August 31st as 11:59 EDT will be selected to win $10.  If the same person ‘Likes’ both pages, the prize will be increased to $50.
  2. A contestant liking both pages will be entered twice.
  3. Winner will be chosen by random number generator
  4. Existing Facebook Rakeback.com Fans can participate by also Liking Pokerbonus.com
  5. Existing PokerBonus.com Facebook Fans can participate by also Liking Rakeback.com
  6. Non-US participants must have a PokerStars Account or prize will be paid via Amazon Giftcard
  7. US participants cannot receive cash, and will receive an Amazon Giftcard electronically. 
  8. Only real persons may participate (no parody or duplicate accounts)
  9. Must be aged 18+
  10. Winner will be selected on September 15th, 2014.  User must still “Like” the page at that time. 
  11. Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.
  12. Minimum of 75 new Likes must be attained within the contest period for prize to be paid.
  13. In the event 75 new Likes are not achieved, the winner will receive a consolation prize of $5
  14. All prize amount are in USD
  15. Employees of Rakeback Ltd and their families are not eligible to win