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Winner Poker Best Hand Of The Day

Cash Reward To The Best Hand Of The Day

Winner Poker Best Hand Of The Day

There's cash raining every day at Winner Poker. Players who have the best hand at their tables will be awarded cash according to the table blinds. There's a chance to win up to $200 EVERY DAY! Simply register and play to try your luck.

Top Hand of the Day Prize

Prize Cash Table Binds
$25 CASH Up to 0.02/0.04
$50 CASH 0.05/0.10 - 0.25/0.50
$100 CASH 0.5/1 - 3/6
$200 CASH 5/10 and up

Top Hand of the Day Bonus Rules

  • Must hold 4 Kings or better
  • Texas Hold'em ring games only
  • Both pocket cards must be used in the ranked cards of the winning hand. Player mist hold the pocket pair to qualify in the case of '4 of a kind' Kings or Aces
  • Only 1 Top Hand of The Day Bonus awarded every day
  • At least 3 players must be dealt into the hand
  • The bonus is awarded to the FIRST player qualifying for a Top Hand on any day. If no player achieve a Royal Flush, the prize will be awarded to the first player who achieve a Straight Flush. This consideration continues down the poker hand ranking until reaching the first player who achieve a Top Hand qualify for the bonus

*You must send an e-mail to [email protected] within 48 hours to receive the bonus

Winner Poker Rakeback

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Winner Poker

  • Up to 70% Rakeback
  • None Sign-up Bonus
  • Coupon Code: RBCOM



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