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The Rakeback Calculator helps players to understand how profitable getting rakeback from poker rooms can be, even if you are a low volume player.

It's not always easy to calculate rakeback from a specific room, especially with each player having their own playing schedule or playing at different stakes. So, if you've ever wondered exactly how rakeback can benefit you, we suggest you use our handy Rakeback Calculator.

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What is the Rakeback Calculator?

The Rakeback Calculator is a program we've created to help you estimate how much you can expect to receive in rakeback payments over a given period of time. This information can be useful for players who are curious about the benefits of signing up for rakeback at a new poker site, or for players who closely manage their bankrolls.

Please note that the results of the Rakeback Calculator are estimates based on the experiences of other Rakeback.com users, and that your personal experience may differ. Many variables that are impossible for us to judge can influence the accuracy of its results. For example, every player has a different playing style. Those who end up in a greater number of large pots will generate more rake than players who implement a low-action style.

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How do I use it?

Using the Rakeback Calculator is as easy as it looks. Simply enter the appropriate information for each category (game type, simultaneous tables, weekly playtime, and rakeback %) and click 'Calculate'.

The calculator will compute your expected daily, weekly, and monthly rakeback payments depending on the amounts you input. Then you can use this information to judge which poker sites you want to sign up for, and you can see how valuable receiving rakeback can be.

Note that these rakeback figures are averages, and each player's style will affect their rake paid. In general, tighter players will earn less rakeback than loose players. 

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