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Rakeback Searches Per Capity by Nation

Rakeback by Nation

Poker and rakeback are popular around the World, but what is the most enthusiastic rakeback nation? U.S. leads by pure volume of players, but it's the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe where rakeback initially took off which are the most saturated markets.

Popularity of Rakeback by Nation

Based on raw Google search numbers for rakeback the top country is the United States. Rounding out the top five nations are the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and Italy.

Rakeback Nations Per Capita

When we look at per capita search numbers per 100,000 people, the world leaders are the Scandinavian countries. Top of the list is Finland followed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

These numbers prove there is a lot of growth potential in industrialized nations such as Japan and South Korea.

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