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TonyBet Offers an Extra 55% Rakeback to Losing Players

Tonybet-rakeback-80In November, Tonybet launched rake-free No Limit Texas Hold’em cash games. This week that promotion ends and rake will be charged, but if you have a really bad day Tonybet will give you an extra 55% in rakeback, paid in cash directly to your poker account.

Tonybet was founded by Poker Pro and now Member of the EU Parliament, Antanas “Tony G” Guoga. Originally the poker room tapped into the growing popularity of Open Face Chinese (OFC) poker, but in the last few months it has introduced No Limit Hold’em and Omaha games.

The rake free promotion undoubtedly attracted new players to the games, but now that that will end on March 7, the automatic rakeback offer makes Tonybet one of the most cost-effective places to play online poker.

Play Open Face Chinese

Free download securely from official TonyBet Poker server

The new rake will be charged at the industry-standard rate of 5% on each pot which sees a flop. There is a better than industry-standard rake cap of €2.50 on each pot—that is, the maximum rake that can be collected on any one hand is €2.50. So far, so good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Tonybet Offers Up to 80% Rakeback

What makes the Tonybet deal special is the way the rakeback works.

All players can get 25% rakeback as a minimum, just by signing up through our Tonybet pages. Players who lose more than €100 in any one day will get an extra 55% rakeback for that day, bringing their total rakeback to 80%.

Players who lose less than €100, or earn less than €100, will get 25% extra rakeback, taking them to 50% in total. Players who win over €100 receive the standard 25% rakeback. This deal is not available to players who sign up directly with TonyBet, so make sure you use the sign-up link on Rakeback.com.

Rakeback payments are made directly to player accounts every Monday.

Tonybet’s deal is as close as it gets to only winners having to pay to play.

A New Cool Place to Play Poker Online

To get even more bang for your poker buck, it’s worth while taking part in the €100K GTD Glory Series. The series kicked off last weekend, but runs until March 6. So far the ambitious prize guarantees have fallen €7,971 short, meaning Tonybet has given away a big chunk of free money.

“We’re here to bring value for the players, this is our main goal – to help the players earn more,” said site representative Warren Lush. “The series has just started and we’ve seen a huge boost in player numbers in the recent days. We take it as a sign that they are tired of the old online poker ways and are looking for new cool places to play. And that’s exactly what Tonybet Poker is – a new cool place to play poker online.”

Play Open Face Chinese

Free download securely from official TonyBet Poker server

By Joss Wood Rakeback.com Content Manager

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