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Joe Sebok signs with Ultimate Bet Poker

Ultimatebet logoJoe Sebok might not be as well known as Phil Hellmuth or Annie Duke, he is by far the best known of the poker players that Ultimate Bet have recently signed. Sebok, founder of PokerRoad, has become known as a solid poker player as well as owning one of the biggest online poker sites where he gives poker fans an insight into the poker world.

Ultimate Bet Professionals

Joe Sebok, poker player.Ultimate Bet have signed some fairly well known poker players recently to further the Ultimate Bet brand. Among others, Liv Boeree, Brandon Cantu and Adam Levy. However, Sebok will be one of the biggest name of the recent poker players that have been signed.

Sebok, unlike the other poker players, will also be helping behind the scenes at Ultimate Bet. Sebok will undoubtedly be in charge of making Ultimate Bet a more friendly poker room and also help put closure on Ultimate Bets cheating scandal.

Sebok was one of the poker players with plenty to say when the cheating scandal happened at Ultimate Bet. So with Sebok signing up, it looks like this could be the end of the cheating scandal that has hung over Ultimate Bet since then.

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