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Brazilian Football Player Neymar Jr. Rejoins “PokerStars” brand

Most people around the world will agree that football is a popular game. Some people call it soccer while others call it football. And there are a few stars who are known to both avid and casual fans. Some of the popular names in the football world include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Pele to name a few.

Others are popular with only one name. And one of them is Neymar. Several footballers have partnered with one of the largest poker sites in the world. One of the footballers who has done this recently is Neymar. He signed a deal to be the brand’s ambassador.

Why Neymar?

The footballer was named by his parents Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. However, as he became popular, people started recognizing him as Neymar Jr. This is his professional name. Others simply call him Neymar. The Brazilian player started playing in the major leagues when he was 17 years of age. However, it didn’t take long for him to become a South American footballer. He has played with Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain with an agreement revolving around $222 million.

This agreement was one of the most expensive deals ever made. Up to date, Neymar is one of the best-paid athletes in the world. Neymar started winning awards and honors back in 2010. And they included titles such as World Soccer Young player of the year and a wide range of awards from UNFP, FIFA, and IFFHS. At the moment he plays with Paris Saint Germain and the National Team of Brazil. He has also signed another deal with PokerStars.

The partnership

PokerStars couldn’t wait to announce the big news. A statement made on December 15th confirmed that Neymar Jr had been appointed to become the brand ambassador of PokerStars. The new partnership is going to be a remarkable collaboration.

While most details have not yet been revealed, PokerStars noted that Neymar is going to represent the brand at live poker tables, no deposit bingo sign up bonuses, and online poker tables. The company also noted that he will represent several critical aspects of the brand. And this makes the deal more mysterious.

Neymar shared a video on his social media page that he is 100 percent in for poker challenges. And that he is ready to face the brand. He will attract and captivate many peoples’ hearts and minds because he has shown countless times that he enjoys everything about poker. He also reports that when he is not playing football, he loves playing cards.

Competing with his friends is one of his greatest passions. He also reports that he loves the unpredictable moments that usually occur while playing the game. Together with PokerStars, they will create amazing moments for their fans and the global community. The Global Director of PokerStars also added that working with Neymar Jr is going to bring new excitement, energy, and entertainment.

Teasers before 2021

As the press release reports, the partnership is going to reveal more enticing details come 2021. At the moment, PokerStars has introduced the Neymar Jr Fast Track which allows players to win tournament seats and a wide range of prizes in the upcoming Blowout Series which is expected to start on December 27th.

The Neymar Jr Fast Track is going to run every day from December 27 with 5000 tickets to be awarded. Every day, there will be a daily tournament to award more than twenty prize packages each worth 1904 bucks. The Blowout Series is also expected to start in early 2021. The series will have 268 tournaments with prizes worth 60 million bucks.

Neymar’s Appeal

The one thing that makes Neymar a valuable addition to the brand is his huge global reach. He has played with Barcelona and Paris Saint Germaine in France. Neymar is a popular name in the world of football. Apart from his status in society, his love for Poker is one of the things that sets him apart from other players in the world.

The PokerStars community is ready for the energy and excitement that Neymar is going to bring to the table. The global superstar is about to make a name in the world of poker. Now is the time to prepare to increase your chances of winning big tournaments.

Viktor Blom’s Seven Figure Online Poker Year

Swedish online poker phenomenon Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom rose to fame in December 2009 when he took part in all of the ten largest pots in online poker’s history and had insane bankroll swings every session.

Eleven years on, the now 30 year old is still dominating at the tables, inspiring a new generation of fans playing online poker in Scandinavia during those long Winters. Click here if you’re interested in following in his footsteps.

His latest wins came in three major online poker tournaments hosted at PartyPoker in their 2020 Super High Roller Bowl Online Series.

Three SHRB Titles for the Scandinavian Sensation

First online fans watched Viktor Blom take down Event 9, the $10,300 High Roller for a first place prize of $213,750.

Then the Swede took down Event 14, the $25,500 Super High Roller 8-Max for $407,500.

On May 30th Blom then won Event 21 heads up against fellow online poker wizard Isaac Haxton, taking down another $10,300 High Roller for $195,250. Stephen O’Dwyer finished in third place.

Players can watch highlights of Event 21 above.

Thanks to two other large cashes – runner up finishes in Event 2 and 8 – Viktor Blom’s total winnings in the series totalled over seven figures at $1,527,000.

Already an online poker sensation, Blom became a millionaire all over again in 2020.

2020 Unibet Open

Viktor Blom also had a minor live poker win in Ireland in February of 2020.

He finished first in a showcase tournament between Unibet poker ambassadors, a Battle Royale event in the Dublin Unibet Open.

It remains to be seen what titles the most famous poker player out of Scandinavia can add to his record in 2021 in beyond.

The Path From Beginner to Professional Online Poker Player

Fancy yourself a dab hand at cards? If you regularly clean up at poker nights with your friends or win consistently when you play at land-based or online casinos, you may wonder if professional poker is for you.

Being an online pro is similar in many ways to gambling for a living in land-based casinos – there are definite dos and don’ts which remain constant.

You’ll need to be disciplined, organized and diligent, especially with your finances. Playing poker to pay your rent and bills is a major undertaking, and not one to be taken lightly.

But, if you have a cool head, excellent tactical nous, and a little luck on your side, playing poker professionally can be an exciting and lucrative way to make money.

Here are some things to take into account if you’re interested in being a professional online poker player. 

Why pro poker?

This is the first question to ask yourself – why do I want to be a professional poker player?

If the answer is mainly to do with the idea of winning huge sums of money without having to do a 9-5 job, or traveling the world entering tournaments, you should probably reassess.

Not only is professional poker extremely hard work – as we’ll find out – the returns are not guaranteed, especially at the start. If you have a genuine passion for poker, have sharp and intuitive skills, calmness under pressure, and the time and motivation to work really hard, then you might just make it as a pro. 

Are you ready?

Being a professional online poker player is very different from simply playing online or with friends for fun (and a bit of cash).

You have to remember that your winnings pay your rent, bills, food, and other expenses.

If you don’t win regularly when you play, or if you don’t have much experience beyond a few casual hands every now and then, don’t quit your day job just yet. 

Pick a variation (and stick to it)

There are plenty of variations available to play – and even more so when you are playing poker online. Of course, the most popular variants are community card games – Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em – as well as draw poker and stud poker.

But you’ll also find more obscure games such as Countdown, Five-O and Chinese Poker at many online casinos. Whatever variant favors your style, it is good practice to study it, and stick to it.

Learning new variants tends to diminish your prowess overall – jack of all trades, master of none, as the saying goes.  

Study & research

This is where the real hard work comes in, but this is work that will lay the foundation for your success as a pro online player.

All professionals spend hours analyzing their games, looking for weaknesses in tactics or wagering. It is also worth studying other professional games, depending on what information you can get hold of.

A good poker player never stops trying to learn and absorb information. And staying up to date with reviews and guides will help you find the best places to play online, with games in your chosen variant.

These guides will also help you find sites with the best odds or promotions and bonuses. 


You need to play every day to make it like a pro. It may be that you want to play for cash each time, but if you’re having a bad run – or if you don’t need to – use your time to brush up your skills.

There are plenty of software options to help you prepare for the card tables, such as PokerTracker and Holdem Manager – these deal with all aspects of the pro game.

You’ll also need an analysis tool, such as Flopzilla. Once you’ve mastered the rules of your chosen variant, consider finding a mentor or coach – you’ll be able to locate one online. There are also pro poker training courses available in many areas.

It may sound strange, but as well as poker training, staying fit and healthy also helps pro players – your body and mind will be sharper and your decision making will improve if you stay active. 

Bankroll and finances

Pro poker is different from casual poker in many ways, but the financial differences are the starkest. Most casual players use money they’ve set aside for entertainment to gamble with.

Professionals need to make money at the card tables to live, so the dynamic is very different. Efficient and realistic bankroll management is a must, as well as constant monitoring of winnings and losses.

Many professionals separate their savings into ‘bankroll’ and ‘life roll’ – that means each time you log on you have peace of mind that there is money in the bank for the essentials of life. 

Making a living as a professional online poker player isn’t for everyone – not those who like having a regular paycheck and two holidays a year. But it can be an exhilarating and lucrative career choice if you have the temperament and energy to sink into it.

Can Gautam Rohilla be the Role Model that Indian Poker Needs?

When you think of traditional poker hotbeds, India will not be the first country that comes to mind. However, in years to come, that may well change.

For many years, India hasn’t really had anyone to lead the way and show other players what they are capable of, but that may change in the coming years. Gautam Rohilla is a 23 year old, still young and improving at poker, but he is determined to make it to the top, and he has a fan base from elsewhere that are going to watch him every step of the way.

It is possible to play poker at Indian online casino sites and if Rohilla goes on to have success, these sites are going to be flooded with new players who are all trying to follow in his footsteps.

Rohilla Moves from Fifa to Play Poker

One of the reasons why Rohilla could turn out to be hugely influential in the Indian poker market is because he brings an army of fans with him. He has found fame as an eSports Fifa player, working his way up the ranks in online and offline tournaments against some of the best players in the world.

People enjoy watching him play, and they have followed his actions through social media. Now they are seeing him turn to poker and work his way up the rankings there, hopefully encouraging others to give it a try and turn the Indian market into a thriving one.

He’s represented the Indian national team on Fifa, which put him in the spotlight and he could well represent the entire country again in the future, this time he will be listed in the latest poker news.

India has been desperate for someone to come along and try to raise the profile of poker in the country. The game is different to many others which are popular in the country, it is certainly more difficult to follow and play as a beginner, which doesn’t help.

Moving Up the Poker Ladder

The task ahead for Gautam Rohilla is simple, to gradually move up the poker ladder and find himself in bigger and better competitions, playing for more money and putting his name on the world map.

Although this is certainly not easy, in terms of planning a path and working his way up, this is something that can be aided by his time playing Fifa, where he did exactly the same.

Rohilla started by playing in the low buy-in tournaments, which is how pretty much every poker player begins their rise. Those plus one-off cash games are how he made his money, they have enabled him to continue moving up the ladder.

The next steps are going to be even harder, because this is where the competition really hots up and things become very difficult. However, don’t put it past Rohilla to succeed and make a name for himself on the world stage with his poker play.

He will certainly have a lot of fans cheering him on if he does.

US Player Hits $95k Jackpot in Live Dealer Blackjack Game

We have a huge pandemic sweeping around the world and hitting the USA hard at the moment. Times are tough but if you want a great feel-good story then this news from a live dealer blackjack game will certainly bring that to your life.

The story is of a big win, a huge win in fact, changing the life of one player. Casinos are currently open and allowing people to play online, so if you want to get your gaming fix then you can. The new betting site Bet-at-Home offer sports betting to their customers but like many others they also offer casino gaming, including live gaming and the chance to play blackjack just as this player did to win the big pot.

Player Lands $95,000 on Blackjack Side Bet

In November, a player named MR2SaLTY4YA was the lucky gambler to land a win of $95,000 and the big win actually came from a side bet on the game, not the game itself. While playing on a live dealer blackjack table at Americas Cardroom, the player placed a side bet of $1 to have three cards dealt.

The three cards were the 7 of diamonds, three that make up a deck of 52 cards, and on one very special hand, they were dealt.

The odds for this side bet are huge, landing the big pay day of $95,000. This diamond jackpot win is even more incredible when you find out the day that it landed on. Not only was it a lucky day for the player, who changed his life with the money he won, but it was also his birthday, which made it even more special.

The player told others this in the chat room while the game was taking place, and that wasn’t the only details he revealed, all of which make this story even better. During the live chat with other players and the dealer in the room, the player also revealed that he would be sending a nice bottle of wine to the dealer Kimmy, who was the one that gave him the three lucky cards to land this big win.

There was one more big reveal in the chat as the player also said that he and his wife were expecting a baby in the new year. While he may not have had the money in time to spend on his own birthday, he will seemingly have someone special to spend it on very soon.

At the end of the game, the winning player sent a $500 tip to the dealer Kimmy and told her of his future plans. These included calling his first-born daughter Kimmy after the dealer who has clearly changed his life in a big way.

With so much doom and gloom around the world right now, people are looking for ways to escape from real life. These are the type of feel-good stories that we enjoy reading in poker news, this is certainly one that will make people smile.

Whether its blackjack in a casino room or poker site like Americas Cardroom or elsewhere, players have the chance to escape and forget about life for a short while. This player has changed his life by doing just that.

$3 Million Guaranteed for Battle of Malta 2020 Winner

The Battle of Malta is a well-established poker tournament that has been taking place since 2012. This major live event has been held at two casinos in Malta, first the Portomaso Casino and later the Olympic Casino Malta.

This year, the tournament, just like many others around the world, has required a different feel to it. This was to move online, given the current Covid-19 pandemic we are going through, and while this is not ideal, it does mean that the tournament can go ahead.

Anyone keeping up to date with the latest poker news will know this has been the case for many tournaments throughout 2020, this isn’t something new and it may be around for another few months yet.

GGPoker to Host Battle of Malta

GGPoker will host the Battle of Malta this year, and they want to turn around the tournament and make it one of the largest low buy-in tournaments that have ever been held online. There is a guaranteed main event pool of $3 million, while the buy-in for players has been set at $550.

This guaranteed money means that the Battle of Malta will once again see a prize money increase. This will be the 8th year in a row that they have raised the prizepool. Last year, we saw a pool of $2.25 million created from 4657 players. The numbers will surpass that this year, but regardless of the number we know it will be a GTD $3 million or more for those competing.

Being an online tournament, it is no surprise to see the interest in this, with many people playing online now, even more so thanks to the pandemic. We have seen all forms of online gambling rise this year, including taking advantage of betting offers listed at newbettingoffers.co.uk.

Anyone who has been keeping up to date with what poker tournaments have been doing this year will not be surprised to see that GGPoker have been chosen to host this online tournament. We have already seen earlier this year that they have become the temporary home for the World Series of Poker, a big move for them.

GGPoker have helped the WSOP maintain its position and be a success, which has been a big deal for those in the poker industry, and people have certainly taken note. This will no doubt be a really big boost to GGPoker, assuming they pull the same off with the Battle of Malta when they host this competition online.

Poker in general has had a very strange year, there is no doubt about that. However, there have been many companies out there who has shown what they can do, and take advantage of opportunities that they would normally not have had.

It is likely that we will still see very different poker tournaments taking place for many months, certainly for the first part of 2021, likely for the first half of the year. The Battle of Malta will be one, but everything is set up for this tournament to succeed online.

MOSS $2.5 Million GTD Series Nov 22 – Dec 6

The Mini Online Super Series (MOSS) returns to the Winning Poker Network Nov 22 – Dec 6 with $2.5 million in guarantees.

Get involved at Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker, where there will be a total of 150 tournaments and two $250k GTD main events.


Learn more at the Americas Cardroom website.

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$300,000 GTD Halloween Special Tournament

The Winning Poker Network are running a $300k guaranteed prizepool progressive knockout tournament right now.

There are ten day ones, players can enter on any of those days and top finishers will advance to day two:

  • Day 1A: Wednesday, October 28th (3pm ET)
  • Day 1B: Wednesday, October 28th (8pm ET)
  • Day 1C: Thursday, October 29th (3pm ET)
  • Day 1D: Thursday, October 29th (8pm ET)
  • Day 1E: Friday, October 30th (3pm ET)
  • Day 1F: Friday, October 30th (8pm ET)
  • Day 1G: Saturday, October 31st (3pm ET)
  • Day 1H: Saturday, October 31st (8pm ET)
  • Day 1I: Sunday, November 1st (10am ET)
  • Day 1J: Sunday, November 1st (2pm ET)

Players can also win cash prizes simply by knocking players out of the tournament, for every player you stack you earn the knockout bounty on their head.

Buy in is just $55.

Learn more at the Americas Cardroom (US players) or Black Chip Poker website (rest of world players).

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Why PayPal is So Popular at Online Poker Sites in 2020

We have seen the introduction of several new payment methods at online poker websites in recent years.

Following the latest news trends of digital wallets to accommodate players from around the world in the digital space of online poker, PayPal have become one of the most popular additions to  this payment method, which is already currently used by millions of people around the world for everyday purchases.

It has now become one of the go-to payment methods at online poker sites in 2020 but why has it become such a popular choice?

Why Paypal for Poker

One of the many reasons why PayPal betting is taking off at online poker websites is because so many people already use it for other types of online purchases. As highlighted above, millions of people already have an active PayPal account so there is no need to waste any time creating an account.

It means for everyone who already has a PayPal account, it is possible to begin betting and playing poker using the payment method immediately.

If you do not already have a PayPal account, it is extremely easy to set up and you can do everything online and within minutes. To verify the account, you must add a bank account and submit a direct debit instruction, but again, this is easy and done quickly. You will be ready to use your new PayPal account in no time at all.


Aside from the fact so many people already have access to a PayPal account, security is another great reason why PayPal is so popular at online poker sites in 2020. With malware and cyber criminals having access to great technology and developing new ways to hack peoples personal and financial details, it is crucial you use a safe payment method when playing poker online.

By using PayPal, your credit and debit card details will never be shared with the poker site plus PayPal enjoys military grade security. You can make deposits and withdrawals from your favourite online poker websites knowing your card details have been kept private. In fact, as it is possible to use your bank account on PayPal there is no middleman in the process, meaning there is one less thing to worry about when making a deposit.

Low Fees

Another of the many advantages when using PayPal at online poker sites in 2020 is the fees. While some payment processing companies will charge you a fee each time you make a deposit, PayPal can be used free of charge in the United Kingdom.

So, if you plan on making deposit and withdrawals regularly while playing online poker, PayPal is a great choice to avoid building up a succession of fees and taking away from your enjoyment.

Sometimes, you may decide to have a game of online poker at the last minute and need to deposit funds quickly from your bank account. Thankfully, PayPal are a forward thinking company, staying relevant in modern times by improving their services regularly.

Their platform is extremely quick when it comes to transferring money and, in most cases, deposits happen almost instantly. In addition, withdrawals to a PayPal account are often complete within two hours, which is significantly quicker than many other payment methods.

$5 Million Venom PKO Main Event Oct 23

The Winning Poker Network are hosting another $5 million GTD tournament, their flagship Venom event.

This time it’s a progressive knockout event (PKO) where every player has a cash bounty on their head which you can win part of by knocking them out, an extra bonus on top of the normal prizepool.

The main event runs from Oct 23 – Nov 4:

  • Day 1A – Friday, October 23
  • Day 1B – Sunday, October 25
  • Day 1C – Friday, October 30
  • Day 1D – Sunday, November 1
  • Day 2 – Monday, November 2
  • Day 3 – Tuesday, November 3
  • Final Table – Wednesday, November 4

At least $1 million is guaranteed for first place.

Learn more at the Americas Cardroom (US players) or Black Chip Poker website (rest of world players).

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